Who We Are

We are The Other Bird. We're a Hamilton-based hospitality group that offers culinary experiences that might make you wonder aloud if you can marry a restaurant. (You can't, but we're flattered.) We promise to pull you out of your comfort zone and into a world of flavour and decadence, but in an easygoing sort of way. By pairing Executive Chef Matt Kershaw's big-flavour-probably-bad-for-you cooking with CEO Erin Dunham's passion for extraordinary service, our incredible team has earned a reputation for offering unique fare and charming hospitality.

Whether you're visiting our chef-driven and meat-focused Rapscallion Rogue Eatery, playful taco bar The Mule, or the elegant-and-boutique Arlington Hotel in Paris, Ont., we just want to satisfy you. 

Oh. And if you like to give really good presents, we have gift cards available at each of our locations. Any denomination and redeemable at any Other Bird place. Awesome, right?

Have a question for us? Drop us a line.