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The Mule

Hello, we are The Mule. We think that tacos are a dish best served fun, with a side of liquor. Our awesome chefs serve up tacos that range from classic Mexican to weird-and-wild-you’ve-gotta-try-this, as well as dishes that are not tacos, including calamari, ceviche, and — of course — guacamole. Our kitchen is 100% gluten free, and open ’til 2AM every darn night.

Now, about that side of liquor... Tacos almost-literally beg to be paired with a cocktail by our lovely bartenders, one of the bunch of beers we have on tap, or perhaps a tasting flight of some favourites from our bourbon and tequila lists.

Welcome to The Mule, where tacos, tequila and bourbon come to party.

Find us at 41 King William St. in Hamilton

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