The Arlington Hotel

Historic hotels are filled with countless stories captured through decades of celebration, indulgence, retreats from the everyday, and unforgettable experiences. Welcome to the Arlington Hotel, a 24-room boutique hotel and event venue in scenic Paris, Ont., where our lasting memories meet your next great story.

At the Arlington Hotel, our passion for hospitality and amazing cuisine intersects with an appreciation of literature and history. The result is an experience that blends refined comfort, culinary excellence, and our love affair with history’s greatest authors, transporting you to a timeless world of rich experiences and endless nights.

Whether it’s spent savouring an elegant chef-prepared meal, trading conversation over classic cocktails, or relaxing away from the world, every night is destined to become a lasting memory. Your stay at the Arlington awaits you. Which stories will you tell?

Find us at 106 Grand River St. N., in Paris, Ont.