Black Sheep Snack Bar --> Merk Snack Bar

You may have noticed that Black Sheep Snack Bar isn't listed among our family members anymore.

Well, we are so very proud and so happy to announce that our chef -- the incredible Mark Baker -- is living his dream and took over Black Sheep Snack Bar on February 1. It has long been Mark's dream to own his own place, and we are incredibly excited that he is realizing that vision.

Since we opened our first location, we have always said it would be awesome to one day offer our staff the same opportunity that we had -- to open their very own place to pour their heart (and sweat) into. We can't believe we finally get to do that.

Mark has been with us for several years, and has been the culinary genius behind countless dishes that have appeared on the Black Sheep Snack Bar menu. His passion for good food and good times is every bit as strong as ours, and we cannot wait to see his vision unfold. He's now offering a very similar menu and experience in the same cozy space, under the name Merk Snack Bar.

We will be dropping by regularly to enjoy some Korean fried chicken, savour those Four Perfect Nachos, and hang out with our buds. But, most importantly, we hope that you will join us in doing so.

Congratulations, Mark. No one is more happy for you than we are.

Erin & Matt